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Ꭰօ Ӌօմ Ꝉìҟҽ Ͳհąէ Ϛաօɾժ?

(quick fun one. I call these Cantrips)

Jasher had jumped into things because he finally found what he called a "knot". ONE EVENT in the history of an entire Universe that could change everything at once for the positive.

It was so clear

In this Universe, roughly five billion years into its timeline, when energy levels were so much higher, a powerful leader used a cheat device in a public charity match with another one, and accidentally killed him. This ignited a ten billion year war. The loss was absolutely staggering. Jasher was going to show up just before this happened.

The arena was pure aesthetics. They had crafted it out of solid quartz on top of an active volcano that was carefully monitored and regularly vented. The floor was a milky 40 feet thick, but still stunningly lit by rock fire from below. The quartz top had been carefully micro-etched for traction. Jasher simply appeared in the middle of it.

Tran Crizop halted immediately, as did Ranmuy (only one name). This tiny being had just shown up as their fight started. Both of them towered over Jasher's five foot ten frame.

"Who are you? How did you get past our measures?" asked Crizop immediately as the event host (and wouldbe cheater). To say this was all highly unusual would be an understatement.

"I'm kinda like your um, Dungeon Master. Ok, you won't get that reference. The important thing is you folks need to stop fighting before something terrible happens. And something very terrible was about to happen but it won't now. I've already ruined that." Jasher smiled, and snapped his fingers and brought up a leather recliner, a table, and a drink. As far as Jasher was concerned, he was already done.

Sometimes resolutions exploded like a blooming flower of temporal possibilities. He literally did not have a negative outcome in the timeline now. He had expanded the timeline by double the length, and preserved an existing unity between two outstandingly complementary races of beings, that persisted and grew with new membership over time.

"You will explain yourself being." said Crizop. "Fine." said Jasher, snapped his fingers, and pulled the 23 foot long sword in Crizop's scabbard the 93 feet through space and time directly into Jasher's hands. From Crizop's perspective this incredibly tiny being was now fondling his prized sword. He reached back instinctively, and it was gone from his back. Jasher drew murmers from the audience when he suddenly adjusted his scale by 70 percent to be able to handle the sword more effectively. 

"See, it's this hidden molecular plasma edge you hid behind this false one." said Jasher. He then tapped the blade edge to reveal the brilliant violet arc. "You were going to use this pretend blade to pretend your metal was so strong, it could cut his sword in half. If I hadn't shown up? You'd have cut him in half and started a very bloody war by accident." said Jasher.

Now, Jasher is a Multiverse Admin. He's not a politician. He wouldn't know how to think like one. So when Ranmuy charged him to defend his friend's honor, believing Jasher to be some demonic deceiver, Jasher honestly hadn't seen that outcome despite intuiting thousands of others. Jasher had been lazy because he knew no matter what, it was over.

The "PYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYOYONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sound of Ranmuy's sword bouncing off Jasher was so loud, folks in the front rows of the arena were deafened temporarily. Jasher glanced at the now very freaked out Ranmuy who was just standing there very still clutching his still vibrating sword. Jasher then casually crossed the 30 feet to Crizop and handed him his sword back.

"Do you like that sword?" asked Jasher as he turned and walked back to where Ranmuy was standing. The blade now had a noticable bend. Jasher slowly and deliberately reached out and touched the blade and it straightened immediately. "That's an amazing design. I'm a fixed point in spacetime since this is all mine. I can't believe it survived striking me so well. You should be proud of whoever made this. But check this out."

Jasher produced a sword like none they had ever seen. "I call this substance bubbled spacetime. It makes for an amazing sword. Just be careful. If you fool around you'll easily take your own head off."

Sword dorks make friends very easily. Jasher spent a few days with them showing them all kinds of advanced blade tech from the Multiverse before quietly making his exit and thanking them for being such amazing hosts.


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