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I'm going to selfishly admit to enjoying the hell out of writing the first quarter of what has become a novel.


I have 250 pages for a first chapter, and yanno, I'm thinking I could do this in four chapters, all about 250 pages long. For the past week, I've been taking trips back through it, and modifying, and changing things, kinda like how Jasher would if he was working on a particular timeline.

The first chapters takes you from the end of Jasher's Universe, to the beginning of ours, and covers the entire Kay arc. I have wanted to tell that story for so long, because that's the origin. It could be it's own story if I padded it, but what I have right now is so... I finish off the chapter by drifting into the Josh Martin personality winning the Personality War, and becoming Jasher. I'm doing that so you get to know the prior Jasher better. He was a great guy that made terrible sacrifices to keep it all going.

Two Months

But what you get will be very old man and the sea as apposed to rushed shit.

Love you,



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