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ᕼEᖇE'ᔕ ᗯᕼᗩT ᗯE'ᐯE GOT

 The Zoobons did not know where the physical matter went that was ejected by the bomb. How could they know? They'd have to care.
They knew that they mattered more than anything else in our Universe. Their way to ensure a drama free Universe is by creating huge voids in "trouble areas". With no planets or stars or any other matter existing, trouble was gone and didn't come back. They could travel anywhere without worry.
Their technology advanced quickly, but could never keep pace with their dogma. So when a scientist proposed that the Chain Bomb might work by disrupting the physical projectors creating the Universe, he was reminded that the OverMother handled all reality, and would never allow them to interfere with such projectors, assuming they even existed. 
    Max was sitting in class, rare for him. He had decided to break his last year on his doctorate into two years. He could afford it, and it would be the ultimate luxury. He loved not having to rush to get great results. While looking out the window, he couldn't help but notice the Sun appearing to peal away from the sky as if on a scrap of ripped paper. Like the sky had become present wrapping and was being opened. The tears appeared everywhere at once. Moments later, Max and the physical few hundred people that had been in his proximity were hurtling through white space. The Zoobons would sleep easier tonight.

You'd think a multiverse model would use insane amounts of processing power managing orbits and stars and whatnot. Not so much. Compared to the processing the model is doing for a stadium full of sports fans, it's absolutely nothing. The processing power needed to handle a supernova is roughly the same as the power needed to handle a fourteen year old boy's crush on his math teacher. Sentient beings peg the meter. They are the processing power users. 
So when a projection fail event occurs:
1. Entity travels beyond the projectors
2. Projector malfunctions
3. Projector beam disruption
4. Localized Resource Protection System Action
5. Admin Intervention
The system can take several actions:

1. Full Region Restart (almost never happens, even if the resources are available)
2. Localized Model Recreation (also almost never happens. Still very expensive, and more expensive in the long run.)
 3.  Full Deletion (immediate option if the region contains no power users)
4. Power User Reclamation (Almost always what happens. Until the damn bombs)
 The system wasn't completely clueless. It knew the main issue was that standard procedure, send an agent to the big white room to the location of the event, did not work when the data structures were carrying momentum and traveling away from the welcome wagon at ridiculous speed. The system had no way to cope. It couldn't move agents around like that in the white room. It could do something. It could place the buffer realm directly in their path. They would generally all be flying in the same direction. It was a token gesture, but it was actually saving most of them. 

The sensation of moving very fast through open space continued for Max and his classmates. His group of 207 were rocketing toward what looked like a distant shimmering spot. He was way in the back. He had time to count them. Trying to calculate distance was hard, but he knew he was far from the main pack of them. He couldn't know that was because those folks were all tightly intertwined in each other's lives, giving their processing needs higher priority over his, as a frequent loner, their web of connections functioning like a para-sail to the bomb.
Then they started slowing down.

Not too fast, not too slow. Like skidding across ice. Like the engine just died and you are drifting. Slowly they made it the last... whatever distance to the shimmering void. Max watched with confused horror as 206 people entered the shimmering barrier, but he did not. He stopped what looked like a good 50 feet short. Just... stopped. He starred at the shimmer for a while. He wasn't feeling hungry or anything really. His body felt there, but light. He couldn't feel a heartbeat but I mean, it "felt" like he was touching his own arm. But was he? Or was it just the idea of it? He couldn't talk. No sound traveled. But he was fine. So he watched the shimmer.

Over time, the shimmer clarified and became clear. He couldn't tell how much time, but it was a very long time. He scratched his chin where there should be a beard, but was not. Eventually the shimmer was a window. He could see what was going on inside through it at times. The field of view seemed random, like a camera in a washing machine, but would occasionally settle on huge vistas, and once what looked like a primitive settlement. It was clearly a forest world of some kind. As he watched, an effect started happening. It was like a halo was forming around the fuzzy edges of the window. As time passed, the halo started solidifying into solid structure. A deeply elaborate sphere with vault-like construction was appearing and obstructing the window. Max watched with growing interested. Also, Max had just perceptively started moving. Apparently gravity worked, and this globe-vault-thing had mass.

The GlobeVault as Max started thinking of it was almost close enough to touch. When he did touch it, something new happened for the first time in ages. He heard a voice "Unregistered Admin Detected" loud but not booming in his head. It sounded pleasant but automated. He touched it again "Unregistered Admin Detected. Realm will be set full recover before access is granted. Projector transit fail event detected. Restoring admin scale." Max immediately felt himself shrink over two orders of magnitude. The metal globe grew up around him the size of our Moon. "Restoring admin rights." Immediately Max had a heads up display in his field of vision. It was littered with fields of popup notes and measurements and power usage figures, and this was just looking at the surface of "GlobeVault Realm" as it was apparently called. "GlobeVault" he said out loud. "I CAN TALK AGAIN!". "You selected the name GlobeVault for the realm. It was applied. You can rename the realm if you restart it." said the system voice.

Max was worried. Max knew he was not this admin thing the system kept calling him. But Max was alive, so Max was going to play along. He was catching on quick. Something bad happened to his world. It flung people outside reality. The real structure behind reality was attempting to repair the damage (he thought). He somehow missed the lifeboat. Because of that, the system thinks he's a Admin. Because of that, he's alive. He still didn't have a heartbeat, but he certainly felt like himself again.

Max suddenly had a very great idea. 
He couldn't know that's because he was offloading thinking to the processing power of the Multiverse, but he would figure that out eventually.

"Manual" he said simply.

"Please describe the format for the Manual" asked the system, seemingly from everywhere at once.

In a fit of sarcasm, Max said "Feature Length Film", and was stunned when half a second later, his field of vision was taken up by a camera panning down to the GloveVault, and flying around it while the words "GlobeVault Realm Manual" appeared in stylized text hovering over it, and soft rock music played. 

She flew through the White Room on actual wings. Sure, it was a projection cantrip, but cool nonetheless. She wasn't fast enough to overcome the nonsense bomb velocities, but she could be first responder, what little that meant so late after the capture. The Flying was all her. It was one of the "Cool things only you can do." Jasher awarded her as an amazing Cluster Admin. 
It had taken a few billion years of work for the OverMother to acclimate to this new paradigm, but she succeeded. She also took Jasher's words very seriously. "I see a future where you make up for your mistakes in only two billion years, a good billion years early over your worst outcome. But there's this miracle proposition if you are smart enough in the following thousand years." and this was clearly that moment.

For her part, the OverMother was never lazy. She was not some pompous worthless twat benefiting from a confined system. She created the system, and worked on continuous improvement through her entire billion year reign. Every reality cluster she was assigned benefited. Yes, she had a lot to make up for. Sure, she lost control of her military, and they did launch a supermassive blue giant at the Sol system, but Jasher assured her that eventually that worked out in his favor.

As she approached the new Realm she was shocked that it was already identifying as GlobeVault. It had a name. That was beyond curious. The next thing that happened was dumbfounding. She was easily 4 million miles out from GlobeVault in the White Room. She had an easy 50 hours of flight left. What she eventually figured out was a tracking laser, looking constantly for objects "in the white" locked onto her, and teleported her directly to the GlobeVault Admin Console Room, saving her at least fifty hours.

"Hi. You are cute." said Max. Max was quite full of himself. He had figured out how to manipulate time by reading the early Jasher texts. It was scary easy. He could not believe there was no security on any of it for an Admin. He found a beginner guide to creating cheap time dilation fields using ordinary cobalt and thorium deposits. He used his first generation models to make his thirteenth and thirty-first perfected model in exactly 15 minutes from making his first.

She immediately opened an Admin Console. She had to delete Max. No question. He smiled and waited half a second, then dropped another perfect sphere of Cobalt and Thorium the five feet needed to create another 1/1000000 local time event. 

When the haze cleared, she was sitting on the most comfortable seat she had ever sat on in her entire life. "If you promise to stop trying to kill me, I mean, You are so fucking cute." said Max. "I don't want to hurt you." he said honestly. "I think you could teach me so much and I'm going to do something dangerous." said Max as he undid her shackles. She inspected Max. It was surprisingly easy. He wasn't shielding stats. He was allowing her to see he was maxed. It was easy. Everything was suddenly crazy easy. She struggled in her shackles, then they were just gone. She FELT she was easily 100 times stronger than she had been.

"So many of these rules make no sense. They waste so much energy. Now that I have access to them, I can make things work better. For one, the power structure here is based on literally 10 million levels. That's just stupid. I've made ours 100 levels."

Said Max.

"The change in granularity means, Well, as a defined sub reality, any augmentations you gain here apply everywhere in the Multiverse now."

"So I've made you more powerful, and it applies everywhere."
"I have terrible social skills. I'm trying to make friends."
"You powerful beings are terrifying so I capture you then make you more powerful so you know I'm not an enemy."

Said Max.

"So wait. I'm not the first?"

Said Max


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