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ᕼEᖇE'ᔕ ᗯᕼᗩT ᗯE'ᐯE GOT 2



 "I'm killing the Zoobons." said Max matter(pun) of fact-ly.


"I hate killing anything, but I won't come close to touching their numbers. They've killed so many under the auspice of doing good, and it was just to satiate a distorted image of you. And they belong to you." said max solemnly.

And that's how easy it is to disarm a powerful being you just empowered, to the point they won't attack you. (thought Max)

"Oh, look at this. Your 'people' literally tried to destroy my entire solar system with a blue giant star set to explode in 2024. You've seriously pissed off Jasher, haven't you?" said Max, trying to lay the guilt trip on the Overmother.

The Overmother was still like a mannequin. She hadn't been moving in a while

This bothered Max. 

 "Jasher is the last person I want to piss off." mused Max out of the blue.

Max's absolute perfection at creating the perfect entry moment for Jasher was just...

It was so broadcasted that he had shown up in all 508 of the needed replay events Jasher did before deciding when to enter the right temporary reality.

(every reality is temporary until Jasher picks the next segment)

said Max exactly 2 seconds before Jasher was free.

"Oh, look at this. Your 'people' literally tried to destroy my entire solar system with a blue giant star set to explode in 2024. You've seriously pissed off Jasher, haven't you?"

"What sucks the most about situations like these is you have all the right intentions." said Jasher as he flicked into existence effortlessly. This time he looked like his usual 60 year old human facade. Max had eaten up every bit of information he could about Jasher the second he learned about his existence. "That's the CEO of this bullshit." he thought. And he was essentially right.

"We test you."

was what Jasher said next.

"A pocket reality is no problem. You've been in one since you were identified as temporal."

said Jasher.

Max thought about this. Max was still being afforded the trial period amount of augmented processing power, and it was sufficient to make him realize he had been tested.

"I failed. I'm too selfish."

said Max.

"Oh yeah." said Jasher.

"But you folks are so important we give you a chance to see it."

 "I don't care if we lose the ship. What we are doing is too important. We are too far from Jasher to get his influence, quickly, but we need to burn an impressive timeline so we'll never be ignored." shouted Captain Max, on the Ubiquitous, a ship he was able to design after talking with Stephy (final say on all candidate ship requests. If someone was impressive enough they had ship specs they wanted, Stephy took notice. Otherwise they got her 'Baby Boaz" design. Not that she wasn't biased.)

And his decision was correct. He saved not only that Universe, but three others linked.

And Jasher did step in and bring them all back.

(quick note: this story is now generating more "question emails" than any story I've ever written. I'm going to just explain it. I got sick and tired of these Japanese Isekai stories where some guy gets transported to another world and he's just instagod and captain savaho or whatever. I wanted it to happen to one of these kids, but instead it's just a test of character, and they fail because they are an egomaniacal fuckwad. The question: who really should have godlike powers? The answer, not kidding, does not appear to be a Japanese teenager. If I had whiffed my Isekai story, you wouldn't have been invested. I had to make it comprehensive. Hope this helps.)


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