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Ꭰօ Ӌօմ Ꝉìҟҽ Ͳհąէ Ϛաօɾժ?

(quick fun one. I call these Cantrips)

Jasher had jumped into things because he finally found what he called a "knot". ONE EVENT in the history of an entire Universe that could change everything at once for the positive.
It was so clear
In this Universe, roughly five billion years into its timeline, when energy levels were so much higher, a powerful leader used a cheat device in a public charity match with another one, and accidentally killed him. This ignited a ten billion year war. The loss was absolutely staggering. Jasher was going to show up just before this happened.
The arena was pure aesthetics. They had crafted it out of solid quartz on top of an active volcano that was carefully monitored and regularly vented. The floor was a milky 40 feet thick, but still stunningly lit by rock fire from below. The quartz top had been carefully micro-etched for traction. Jasher simply appeared in the middle of it.
Tran Crizop halted immediately, as did Ranmuy (only one name). Thi…