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Showing posts from July 2, 2023
  So, I've been working on Music things. I'll post a link to the soundclouds when I'm done for those interested. ( yes, soundclouds(s) ) Why? The "smarters" amoungst you (and we have quite a few of you) have noticed that sometimes the songs I include in my story posts are literally what the story is about. Sometimes it's painfully obvious ( ℍ𝕀! ). Dig that four layer pun. I like doing crap like that. But I like going the other way. I found a story that rocked my mind a while back and it put a song in my head. So I've been doing music creation. I'll credit the stories (yes more than one) that inspire each song. The idea just popped in my head. What characters or what events from stories I love could have songs? It's going to sound very Pixies/Radiohead/VanHalen. Sorry.