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𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓤𝓵𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓮

Johnny Ridestar (stage name), was beginning to think some shit was off. The clue being, the same 15 minutes kept repeating, but with a guy showing up right at the end and shouting "FUUUUUCK!!!" a different way each time. He finally had the sense of mind to just say very loudly, "come earlier so we can talk next time!" to which Jasher tilted his head like a cartoon dog and literally said "huh?" threw up a finger and halted everything. "Whoah whoah whoah, that makes this all much easier." Jasher was stubborn. Fuck the simulations. He was going to save the Ridestars. He knew there was a 0.001 percent (identical to the drop rate of the Deathcharger Reins in World of Warcraft before they remade the game for pussies) chance. So hard as fuck. So 47 tries in, same scenario, their bus just breached the guardrails and was already hurtling over the tops of very large conifers. It was the earliest he could temporally fuck with things because

คɭɭ gѻɗร คɼﻉ ɦપ๓คก

Mai Tsuba simply lost her shit. With a wave of her hand, a galaxy ended. 500 Billion lives erased in an instant. "What the actual fuck Mai? He's going to flip his shit when you try to defend fucking up this Universe. You know that right?" "I just don't fucking care anymore Ken." (this one I wrote recently. I'm not going to be content just giving you the old shit. Why when I'm constantly making new shit? Like, most of my writing, this has a defined inspiration. In this case, the ending song for Concrete Revolutio That simply wandered too close to me after I had a Jazz thing going on thanks to Baccano! Which, is becoming one of my top ten shows of all time. The song is just a strong power anthem. With great guitars. Because they get that guitars matter. People that don't understand the value and power of the guitar don't matter to me at all) J asher had implemented the buddy system after he sent his first 1

The Greatest (since I got back my rights to it)

Prologue Smack!  (The sound echoes across the small mostly deserted memorial park) She had slapped the boy before she knew she was going to do it. And of course the tears started welling up in his eyes. She felt terrible immediately and tried to comfort him. Her daughter-in-law came running. Great. "All I said was that the man on the statue is ugly." Lauren caught a hint of movement out of the corner of her eye and realized her mother in law had just barely stopped herself from striking her son again. She glanced over at her, saw that she was biting her tongue hard, and knew she had to be careful how she worded everything she was about to say to her son or she could become a target. "William. The man on that statue saved the world. I don't know when we stopped teaching it, but I bet if you told Grandma you are sorr" "SHE  HIT ME!" through clenched teeth "WILLIAM." Sharper this time. Lauren glanc