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ᕼEᖇE'ᔕ ᗯᕼᗩT ᗯE'ᐯE GOT 2

     "I'm killing the Zoobons." said Max matter(pun) of fact-ly.   "I hate killing anything, but I won't come close to touching their numbers. They've killed so many under the auspice of doing good, and it was just to satiate a distorted image of you. And they belong to you." said max solemnly. And that's how easy it is to disarm a powerful being you just empowered, to the point they won't attack you. (thought Max) "Oh, look at this. Your 'people' literally tried to destroy my entire solar system with a blue giant star set to explode in 2024. You've seriously pissed off Jasher, haven't you?" said Max, trying to lay the guilt trip on the Overmother. The Overmother was still like a mannequin. She hadn't been moving in a while This bothered Max.   "Jasher is the last person I want to piss off." mused Max out of the blue. Max's absolute perfection at creating the perfect entry moment for Jasher was just...
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  Jasher had a sense of humor. You kinda had to have one after billions of years of isolation. Despite the multiverse access, archive access, and infinite processing power augmentation, Jasher was still very human. Billions of years of isolation at a time put him far beyond any kind of facade. How do you stop from going insane? Big Secret! You don't. You go insane. Then you go sane. Then you are crazy again. And after the 50 millionth year you write a book. It's just something that happens.   You joke about it with Kay and Boaz.   Ah.... the best way to survived crazy is with help. Jasher had none at the moment. He did this on purpose.  If he had to do work that was truly dark, he'd make an excuse and leave Kay and Boaz out of it completely. The true fun of being truly temporal is this happens. You end up stranded, alone, in a Universe that contains little more than a planet, a bunch of very beautiful apple trees, and an exploding Universe. "Apples are all about storag

ᕼEᖇE'ᔕ ᗯᕼᗩT ᗯE'ᐯE GOT

      T he Zoobons did not know where the physical matter went that was ejected by the bomb. How could they know? They'd have to care.   They knew that they mattered more than anything else in our Universe. Their way to ensure a drama free Universe is by creating huge voids in "trouble areas". With no planets or stars or any other matter existing, trouble was gone and didn't come back. They could travel anywhere without worry.   Their technology advanced quickly, but could never keep pace with their dogma. So when a scientist proposed that the Chain Bomb might work by disrupting the physical projectors creating the Universe, he was reminded that the OverMother handled all reality, and would never allow them to interfere with such projectors, assuming they even existed.          Max was sitting in class, rare for him. He had decided to break his last year on his doctorate into two years. He could afford it, and it would be the ultimate luxury. He loved not having to ru

𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕃𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕐𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕪

  (most stolen guitar riff in history) 𝔊 raydoff scanned the ground over the quad. Jennifer had just left a conference hall, and was making her way back to the dorms. Dressed in pink from head to toe, a fairy tale princess. Halloween was fun at Bowdoin. She had met a nice boy too. He was very religious, but very cute and good. He might be too good for her. She enjoyed the occasional drink or joint, and took great pleasure in tearing people apart on online forums as a hobby, while maintaining an outstanding GPA. She wasn't a bad person, but wasn't a particularly good person either. Everything was rationalized. Everything was explainable. Everything was justified just by happening. Jennifer was a Sociology major.    He simply couldn't target them if they had positive intent, and colleges were full of the positive types. It was maddening. That being said, it was terrifically easy to take the ones with terrible intent, and they were easily five percent of the student body. Bet


  Mark Gentry carefully put the loupe away. He was almost done with the complication. In an outstanding display of skill, he would actually have the tourbillon account for Galactic shift, while displaying the cycle of their Galaxy. It was a ridiculous effort simply because it wouldn't cycle for hundreds of thousands of years. Mark was showing off. The elaborate and incredibly tiny gearing was only him. Nobody could do what Mark could do, and nobody could command his prices. Mark was done for the day. A lifelong bachelor, after a brief visit to pornhub, he went to sleep. "Pinion Angle" Mark awakened because he heard the voice. He opened his eyes and jumped. The dark black being looked like it was simply cut out of our Universe as a silhouette. A humanoid shaped hole. "The pinion angle is wrong. Correct this it's very irritating." The shape disappeared. Even though Mark didn't get back to sleep for almost an hour, he still told himself this w

𝕯𝖊𝖋𝖊𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊 𝕰𝖓𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖊

  "This has to be lies." said the wealthy engineer. It didn't seem possible. Sure, they knew about other Universe now, but, this made it too real. "I'll explain it again." said Chissy. They had just watched the small circle of copper and silicon explode all by itself. "This is the easiest, and cheapest I might add, way to show the effect. Those disk only cost me a quad gonar to make (about 37 dollars)." Foris laughed. "It has to be pulling power from outside our Universe." he said. "Unless you are cheating us." said Voger. Chissy smiled. "Watch what happens when I chain ten of these, but in a helical shape for efficiency, and apply it to a simple ion engine." They had been wondering what the device was in the second containment chamber. It was very pretty and exotic looking. For effect, she had a 3 foot thick barrier of common aluminum erected behind the rocket nozzle. She turned the apparatus on. The bright b

Run Away

  Jarx was enjoying the joyride in the new Duroxan battlecraft with his family. He had helped design this one. He wasn't wealthy by any means, but he did such great work on the design, it would have been criminal to not give him the first production model as thanks. Suddenly, Jarx was in command of a ship that he would barely be able to afford to make one payment on with the entire earnings of his lifetime. He was flying his Battleship. Granted, no weapons had been mounted outside of a simple sonic device to shatter asteroids and smaller planets. Despite the ship having room for two thousand crew, it could easily be flown by two. Simplicity was a hallmark of the way Jarx designed. "Now that we have home set, we can do this!" said Jarx. His dream was the entire cosmos. He wanted to see other worlds. One of the side effects of the energy source they had discovered for his Deference Engine design, was a temporal hall effect that could throw you almost anywhere

Ͳօօ Ɠօօժ

    "I'm going to start by requesting that you tell the truth. Don't lie. Don't omit facts. It's going to waste time." But they always tried. For his part, Jeff was beyond confused. His entire crew had been picked up. He had no idea how. One moment he was laying on an overly-soft motel bed, the next he was waking up in handcuffs, on his way to the interview/retention center hidden under a car park. He'd try minimal obfuscation. "Why are so many random people I know here with me?" asked Jeff. He was going to try to gauge how screwed he was. "I'd imagine because they are part of your crew." said the man that had still not identified himself. The expression on his face made it clear that was the only freebie Jeff was going to get. Jeff gave up. If they knew that, they knew everything. This was going to turn into a negotiation. He felt it. "Fine, you got me. HOW? Your people haven't mastered fusion yet. How did you c

But It's Your Data (the story about Reddit)

    𝓙 asher stood over the husk that had been Earth in Universe -3233994677995321233, which was ironically one million more negative than the famous "Food Universe" (-3233994677994321233) which was the origin Universe for the current winner of the Jasher personality war. Once Food Universe Jasher won, only briefly did he lose the spot. "So this is when it would have happened. This is how bad it has to get. Oh, and it's Thanksgiving." noticed Jasher. The Universe numbering system Jasher came up with was simple: Universe intent was constantly sliding up and down. Mostly down. When Jasher shows up the first time, that number freezes forever. Universe that are only one number apart are virtually identical, pun intended. In -3233994677994321233 (Food Universe), it was Josh Martin walking into a hospital because he was sick and quite clearly going crazy. A being claiming to be a thirty mile long battlecruiser, and a classic film actress were talking to

𝙱𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝙸𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚃𝚛𝚎𝚎

  Alzheimer's was an asshole. George was ninety-seven years old now. He had forgetten his wife, his children, his life. But he somehow still remembered his tree. His family used to freak out when he'd disappear, and they'd find him there, a quarter mile into the woods. Over the years he outlived them, or they stopped coming around. He didn't know which. Eventually he forgot all of them. At this point it was just the daily visits from Hospice. George was alone. Nobody was stopping him from going to the tree. If he wasn't home when Hospice arrived, they'd leave the food and magazines on his porch. He'd wander back around sunset, then wonder where the food and reading materials had come from. Ninety-Two years ago at five years old, running down what was now an old (no longer linked) section of the Appalachian Trail, he had gotten away from his mother while chasing a rabbit. The sun was setting. The trail lost behind. The formation of bright pinpo

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Note: I get email. I've been asked over ten times now what the favicon is for this site. Merry Christmas. It's this shrunken down.          I'm going to start posting a series of stories I'm rescuing from Reddit. I had enjoyed a brief time writing very short scifi stories for Reddit, but then it got very political. Fake downvoting happened that I could prove. I left. Why stay in a shithole? I'm going to post those stories here. It will be very easy. I'll shotgun a bunch of them today. Merry Christmas!! Love you folks.

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"Don't you know that a star burns best?" "You think I'm lying" said Jasher plainly. "I tell you what. You don't have any concept the energy it costs to do what I've been doing here forever. I'll turn the shit off. I warned you. God, I wish Kay was here to see this." Wolf News main anchor, Bret Starling was ready. This was his moment. The moment that would define his entire career. The guy that had just appeared out of thin air an hour ago was the one Washington called about that could just show up and get right past security. The guy that put the space ship in front of the moon. It was later explained that he hacked the satellite feeds. This guy was a super hacker. If he was careful here, he'd win a daytime Emmy. Suddenly, next to the hippy looking hacker guy, out of thin air was... no other way to say this, what looked for all the world like Audrey Hepburn. Just, boom. One second nobody, the next, there. Ah, t