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M͎i͎r͎a͎c͎l͎e͎ ͎B͎o͎y͎ ͎S͎a͎t͎ ͎o͎n͎ ͎t͎h͎e͎ ͎S͎t͎o͎o͎l͎: Part 1

      T he movies got it wrong. This boring mid-level thought kept coming back over and over as Jeff scanned the seats full of concern and worry. Theirs and his. Being in a bar full of aliens was not a fantastic experience. It sucked.  The Universe wasn't doing well. At least, that's how he interpreted the news stories. He'd catch glimpses of news as he pounded the pavement looking for work. It's like they don't understand that people don't have time to listen to your narrative when you've messed up their life. They are busy dealing with what you did to them. A planet facing its very first resource depletion, already in peril due to the incompetence of its leaders, wasn't even paying attention to the stories about  the holes in the sky.  His habit of looking at his feet while walking did him huge disservice.  Just, this time instead walking into a thirty-nine year old CPA from Greensborough, it was a forming puddle of entangled condensate. The "hole