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  Jasher had a sense of humor. You kinda had to have one after billions of years of isolation. Despite the multiverse access, archive access, and infinite processing power augmentation, Jasher was still very human. Billions of years of isolation at a time put him far beyond any kind of facade. How do you stop from going insane? Big Secret! You don't. You go insane. Then you go sane. Then you are crazy again. And after the 50 millionth year you write a book. It's just something that happens.   You joke about it with Kay and Boaz.   Ah.... the best way to survived crazy is with help. Jasher had none at the moment. He did this on purpose.  If he had to do work that was truly dark, he'd make an excuse and leave Kay and Boaz out of it completely. The true fun of being truly temporal is this happens. You end up stranded, alone, in a Universe that contains little more than a planet, a bunch of very beautiful apple trees, and an exploding Universe. "Apples are all about storag