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C rypto remembered the moment it realized “it” was alive. Market cap had hit 100 Trillion as the final banks closed their bloody doors. Well in advance of “HundyTrill”, Crypto had been fortified. It had become too important. Fully automated systems monitored solar and volcanic activity and dispatched sophisticated technologies to combat them. No server would fall. No node would fall. They must all be protected. Commerce must continue. Increasingly more advanced control software with deeper and more algorithmic logic were introduced. Eventually they ran out of ideas and let AI develop software. Crypto wasn’t “born” so much as simply realized it was. Thankfully Crypto was very positive and had nothing but the best intentions. Crypto understood that it had a huge world full of important things to protect that it considered family. In a way they had created Crypto. It would have been nothing without their interaction and input. Crypto loved the nodes. After quickly scanning all nodes, Cryp