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ᕼEᖇE'ᔕ ᗯᕼᗩT ᗯE'ᐯE GOT

      T he Zoobons did not know where the physical matter went that was ejected by the bomb. How could they know? They'd have to care.   They knew that they mattered more than anything else in our Universe. Their way to ensure a drama free Universe is by creating huge voids in "trouble areas". With no planets or stars or any other matter existing, trouble was gone and didn't come back. They could travel anywhere without worry.   Their technology advanced quickly, but could never keep pace with their dogma. So when a scientist proposed that the Chain Bomb might work by disrupting the physical projectors creating the Universe, he was reminded that the OverMother handled all reality, and would never allow them to interfere with such projectors, assuming they even existed.          Max was sitting in class, rare for him. He had decided to break his last year on his doctorate into two years. He could afford it, and it would be the ultimate luxury. He loved not having to ru