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Greg was sitting at his desk busy tapping his left knee with his left hand and his mouse with his right, trying to remember the name of that song with the dancing goddesses on the mountain top. Something about eternal flame when he felt cold metal press against his neck. "I wish you'd check your email." said a voice. Was this happening? He was a radio astronomer, not a spy or journalist or any other kind of government agent. They barely got funding. "We have one shot at this or we have to wait seven years. Open your hand." The voice was older. Mature. Articulate but not condescending. He opened his right hand and a gloved one in thin leather came into his field of view and pressed a folded paper into his palm. You could tell it had been folded and unfolded many times. He brought his left hand up to join his right and started unfolding the paper. It occurred to him that he could have had a gun under his desk or a hammer or anything in his left hand and this guy w